Nour Tarzi

Nour Tarzi

Designer at heart, Nour is an accomplished individual who is focused on Branding, Marketing, and implementing Web Technologies for local and global, small to mid-sized businesses using major content management systems.

Been engaged in the field of online marketing since high school, Nour has been an effective marketing professional, who generated an ongoing source of income for her clients.

Experience and talent are not her two sole qualifications in the digital world.  Nour majored in computer science, as well as, earning a degree in fine arts.  Seeking to broaden her professional expertise and gain a higher level of understanding in her domain of work, she has received certificates involving 3D design, animation, flash, and Google Analytic.  She has also enriched her passion and appreciation for art by volunteering at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

During her free time, Nour enjoys oil painting, reading, and creating handicrafts with her daughter.

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